Career Exploration Events.

Discover in-demand career options you never knew were the right fit for you through our series of Career Exploration Events. Check the calendar, pick an industry and purchase your ticket.

The skills and abilities needed to get the jobs of tomorrow change quickly, be ready and know your options. 

What to expect at a Career Exploration Event:

It is a virtual event that allows attendees to get exposure to a variety of in-demand skills-based jobs from companies that are hiring and building their future workforce.

Attendees get a realistic understanding of jobs, what it’s like to work for companies who sponsor the event, make a plan to get the knowledge and skills they need and more.

Why attend a career exploration event?

A job title and a resume won’t help you get in-demand jobs, but knowing your options, being prepared with the right skills and having the right attributes and connections will.

Choose an event that interests you.

Click on the event page to learn more and register as an individual attendee, sponsor or group.

Have questions about us, the app or services?

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