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Career Exploration Events

There over 25 million different types of jobs, let us help you discover the one that fits you best.

Choose which tile best describes who you are to register and reserve your Career Exploration Event.


People looking to learn about in-demand careers.


Companies that want to share information with people exploring new or first time careers.


Organizations who want their community, members or students to get exposure to in-demand careers.


Non-profit or government agencies that want to sponsor a career exploration event.


Educators who want to help people get the skills and knowledge they need to get in-demand jobs.

What to expect at a Career Exploration Event

Career Exploration events allow people to get informed about possible in-demand career options, get internships and make a knowledge building plan to get the skills and education need. We want people to have the information, resources and support to make informed decisions about their work-life. Our unique event experiences powered by the pepelwerk platform means attendees get the better-quality matches, connections and outcomes.

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These are virtual events and each event last 3 hours. Attendees come and go based their personalized agendas.

The event experiences are highly customized for every attendee. These events have a combination of open sessions, small group sessions and one-on-one conversations.

People attending will get info sessions about in-demand careers and industries they are interested in.

You will have the opportunity to meet Educators that are teaching the skills for the job and learn about their teaching style.

You will get the opportunity to get career coaching, hear from specialist in the industry and get valuable information about how to achieve earning, learning, connecting and working (aka) career goals.

The events are sponsored by different companies every week and vendors and attendees are chosen based on the area of interest.

  • The goal for our attendees is to help them make informed decisions about what jobs are in-demand and get all of the resources to get the goal job.
  • The goal of these events is for our sponsors to increase awareness of the in-demand jobs and what their companies have to offer the people that choose to work for them.

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