Revolutionizing Education: How Little Elm ISD Harnesses AI to Bridge the Skills Gap

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Little Elm School District is one of Texas‘ fastest-growing school districts, Little Elm ISD is nestled neatly along 62 miles of shoreline on Lake Lewisville. It is a public school district that is forging ahead through budget, politics, and administrative red tape to keep its eye on what is truly important- building up our future citizens, workforce, and leaders to do great things remarkable things 


One of the ways they do this is by ensuring that their CTE programs are realistic, real-time, relevant, and accessible.  CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. It is specific teaching that supports teaching skills to launch careers in in-demand jobs versus teaching for academia. The difference is simple, one kid is going to become a scientist, and another kid will become a police officer, manager, marketer, or welder.  


Doing this successfully is a challenge when education and the job market do not speak the same language and when they do it is five years behind actual job trends.  Add on budget constraints and the simple fact that not enough of the right people want to become teachers or work in public or private education.  


Dr. JJ Ayers isn’t letting that stop him from doing his job well and launching thousands of young adults into successful lives after graduation. He is doing it by putting into action AI tools to benefit their students and administration. 


Specifically, when it comes to connecting skills-based curriculum to match the future needs of the job market.  Dr. Ayers is using AI to help teachers with curriculum development, using it for staff training, and working with advanced software partners like pepelwerk, to simplify career management, predict needs, measure outcomes, and obtain information about what specifically interests his students.   


pepelwerk is a tool that gives Dr. Ayers and Little Elm a way to scale, personalize and update the old Advisor/Counselor model, get access to more relevant curriculum sources, and simplify connecting his students to work-based learning, internships, and practicums.  


“Leveraging pepelwerk to give myself, my teachers, and counselors the information they need in real-time has been a relief,” says Dr. Ayers.  The state education board changes rules around funding, teachers’ salary, graduation requirements, and the definition of student success and we cannot always adjust quickly to these changes. As a district you need a way to quickly respond to those changes and the changing demands of the communities, we serve to help students launch into successful lives after graduation. pepelwerk is one of the ways we are doing that.  


With the partnership of pepelwerk and Little Elm is able can predictively build our workforce, and measure and report on the outcomes and impact on our students and the community the district serves. pepelwerk is proud to be more than an advanced AI-driven Career Management system for Little Elm. The relationship is making it possible for education and industry to work together in real-time to close the skills gap. In the first 6 months, pepelwerk has already helped the school district improve performance measures to increase funding from the state education agency, non-profit organizations, foundations, and other workforce development grants. This additional funding helps Little Elm continue to provide a CTE program that is ahead of the trend

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