The Pepelwerk Podcast

The Pepelwerk Podcast Ep 6 – Coaching

The Pepelwerk Podcast Ep 6 - Coaching

Welcome to another episode of The pepelwerk Podcast where we dive into the truth about our working world today and share the best ways to navigate its future. Now here’s our host, CEO and Co-founder of pepelwerk, Kim Kelley.
Welcome to the Sixth Episode of the pepelwerk Podcast. I can’t believe that we are already on Episode 6. I know we have the very few listeners today, but I cannot wait to see where we are in the next three to six months. Our user group keeps growing, our employers we get added every day, so we are actually leading the change in the way that we connected to work.
This week we are all about one of my favorite service-adds to pepelwerk is talking about the value of coaching. What is a career coach and why we even provide it as a service within pepelwerk? These days we’re seeing everything online about coaches pop up. Life coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, business coaches. I guess let’s just talk for a second. What really is a coach? A coach is somebody that you can confide in, not a psychologist, not a therapist, not somebody who is licensed in understanding the way that your brain and psyche works, but somebody who is a legit unbiased person that is trying to help you break past the barriers that are leading you into unhealthy cycles, that are preventing you from accomplishing what you say your goals are. That’s really what a coach is.
When you think of a coach, think of in similar relationship to any athletic coach. They by chance will help you kind of understand the greater missions in life, but really an athletic coach is there to make you a better basketball player, make you a better football player. If you were talking about what a life coach is or a health coach or a relationship coach, you should keep that in the context of a coach is somebody to help referee you into accomplishing whatever segment of your life you’re calling into question.
For us, for our users, that means a career coach, somebody who is focused 100% on making you successful in the kind of work life that you want to achieve. So what in the world is a career coach for pepelwerk? Well first of all, our career coaches have lived and breathed the business world for anywhere between 10 to 25 years. They’ve been responsible for hiring, firing, developing people, and now they’re at a point in their life that they’ve realized that the most rewarding part to their ability to provide additional value is coaching someone into making better work life decisions for themselves, helping them to discover what their skills are. Because we all know that skills are something that kind of get lost in the mix, and how to put those skills into work so that you can earn an income and actually maximize what your earning potential can be.
A career coach at pepelwerk offers you that ability to really comb out what your skills are, what your interests possibly can be, and help refine them. One of the funniest things I remember from a coach that I had early on, and I wouldn’t even say that he was a legitimate coach, I just would never have referenced him as my work coach but in hindsight, that’s exactly what he was. His name was Larry Linus. He was the store manager of the Walmart that I worked for, the very first store that I worked for. He looked at me one day, and he said, “Kim, you need to make sure you watch your attitude because your attitude is going to be what gets you in trouble.”
It was that moment, not that he was calling my attitude into question, but it was that moment that I knew I could trust in him to be very frank and speak to me in a way that would get my attention and make me a better professional. Whether or not I was giving him sass or whether or not it was just a matter of me speaking my mind at maybe the inappropriate time and I needed to learn the tact of conversation. Whatever it was that gave him that need to say it to me, after that our mentor/mentee relationship actually developed.
A career coach for me should actually be the same thing, mean the same thing for you when you go on to when you get connected to one of our pepelwerk coaches. Your first conversation is just gonna be about level setting, and level setting is very important because it lets you figure out why you’re even talking to a coach and a coach to figure out exactly why they’re gonna help you. The outcome of that very first conversation should just be a, “I feel good. I actually have a firm understanding of what my skills are, of how those skills can be applied in the working world.”
Then your next sessions, should you choose to have any, is to be able to build upon that foundation. But your first session is really just about a sigh of relief, bringing some structure and some closure and organizations to some of the ideas that you’ve had in your mind. For me, why it became so important to have coaching as part of our model is obviously everyone can connect you with jobs. Goodness gracious, there are so many platforms that are out there that are complicating and saturating the message about how to get connected to work. If all you wanna do is find a job now and then that’s kind of it, then obviously there’s plenty of solutions out there. But the value of getting a coach and staying on the pepelwerk platform is that we are always in the know about what is coming, what will be. Not just what jobs are available today.
The value of a career coach from a soft side perspective is that you are always staying relevant and you’re having somebody coach you along as the world changes, as your business … As the job opportunities change. That’s exactly why pepelwerk provides this kind of value. From a price perspective, after looking at some of what I had to pay for as an employer, offering a $200 a session to help coach my employees at understanding what their priorities were, there’s no way as an employer that I could afford that to all of my employees. As talent, we sometimes think we’ve got it all figured out and maybe we don’t even need or want somebody to help us through our work life choices. But most of the time that’s clouded by, “Oh my goodness, this is so expensive.” 75 to 200, and not everybody can afford that conversation, but there is not a single person that wouldn’t value from having that conversation at least one time.
So we, part of your basic membership when you buy up, your basic membership is $10 a month. If you can Spotify yourself of Amazon Prime yourself or whatever yourself for a monthly membership, I hope that you would find $10 a month an investment because this is the one charge that actually should bring you more money, should bring you more working opportunities and discovery of yourself of what’s good, of what you can do to be successful in the working world. You know, I don’t know too many monthly services that allow me to do that, but that’s the value from a monetary perspective in the pepelwerk coaching model.
How much will you get out of it, especially in your first session? That’s up to you. How much pre-work and pre-discovery do you know about yourself and your skills, and how much do you just really like, “Oh my goodness.” If it were one of my kids they probably would have called five years ago saying, “How the heck do you get through the application process?” Whatever your questions are, you can think about that before you have the conversation, so you can think about it in terms of I need advice just to deal with how to get a job, or I need to figure out more about myself to be more marketable and market my skills and discover what those skills are.
Why is it more important to people to continue to look at coaching as a value-add? Well, because you want to always stay relevant, and you want to know what you’re good at, and most importantly, you want to know what you’re not good at. There’s so many times when I can talk to one of our coaches and they say, “They’re so excited because they have a kid who’s in college, their parents were accountants, their grandparents were accountants, they’re really good at math so they just thought they should be accountants. But they actually have this incredible need to be creative.” And through coaching, we were able to figure out what it was that … What the skills were that the person was missing to be able to fulfill their creative side to be more satisfied in the work that they’re choosing to do.
That’s really what a career coach is, why we made it part of our service model, and why we made it accessible to everyone from a price point perspective. So I hope you take advantage of becoming a pepelwerk basic member. Of course, we have lots of other bells and whistles for you, especially some features that you just don’t get as a free user, but instead of commercializing the message, the point is, is we want you to talk to somebody about the struggles that you’re having in getting connected to work or figuring out what work you should do or figuring out why you’re not satisfied in the work that you’re doing.
That’s what a career coach is and that’s the biggest reward for me when I find the success stories from our talent users being able to find that relief. So what you need to do is go to your app or follow your link in your email, upgrade your membership, and then you’ll basically get an email back saying, “We’re ready to schedule you for your coaching, and this is what you can do in the meantime.” Check us out always on our social media and our blogs and our podcasts and we actually have some really great stories on our blog this week particularly about coaching and the value of coaching or what you could actually get from it. We’re always here if you have any questions, hit the contact us and we’ll be glad to answer.
Remember, we give you the tools. It’s up to you how you use them.