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pepelwerk puts people at the center of our business. We want our community of Talent to use our tools and services to accomplish their work-life goals. 

Before you start, these are some things you should know:

  • Read the FAQ’s to determine if we are the right tool for you. 
  •  You cannot apply for jobs or search jobs on pepelwerk. We are not a job board. 
  • Once you complete your profile you may not match with jobs that you see on our site. You may match with other jobs you didn’t know about. 
  • We are not a staffing agency. The jobs you will match with are direct jobs. 
  • Once you complete your profile and decide your level of membership, you will get matched with real jobs that are a fit for your attributes, attitudes and abilities (skills and experience).
Jobs that fit your skills, abilties, interests and work-life goals