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The Future of Work is Here Whether You Like It or Not

When you add the word “future” to the word “work” in a sentence, people typically visualize robots. Your mind may drift to a utopian

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Find Your Career Match and Make the Most of Your Skills

Take a moment to think about how you came into your current job. Was it by default? Did your parents help you get the job? Was it the only company

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How to Calculate the Average Cost of Hiring a New Employee

The hiring game has become a minefield in recent years. As businesses try to survive and grow in an ever-evolving working world, recruiting

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Digital Employee Experience

If you were on the fence about updating your employee experience before 2020, you may be re-thinking your wait-and-see approach. Companies that have

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Career Exploration for Students: Supporting the Talent of Tomorrow

We talk a lot about the influence of technology on our working world and the need to prepare for the Future of Work. There are many roles that exist

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Automation in the Workplace and its Impact on Future Jobs

Automation has struck fear into many employees in the past decade or so. Machines replicating human actions and smart algorithms programming systems

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